New ways of working for new ways of being human

Going back to a ‘new normal’ or shaping a new world?

A habit most of us have is that we tend to live our lives from the illusion of fixity. We try to predict the future as if we knew all the variables and could control them. We wear the lens of linearity when reality doesn’t present itself as such to us. That’s largely due to a gap between a conceptual understanding of change and the experience of it, the feeling, the sensing of it materialising. We need to be present to notice change in all its subtle ways and to realise that ‘the new’ is always emerging.

New ways of being human

Vertical Development

  • Inclusive, equitable organisation design
  • Design Thinking & Agile as mindsets
  • Authentic relating
  • Sociocratic people practices
  • Peer learning
  • Team Coaching
  • Vertical Development informed Coaching

A possibilianist